A Story to Tell

A Story to Tell

Everyone has a story to tell. Stories about living and learning. Some may feel theirs is less (or more) interesting than other people’s but every story is unique – and there is much to learn from all of them.

The Bible is full of stories. Jesus himself was a consummate storyteller. He met thousands of people. Each one had a story to tell both before and, without doubt, after they had encountered him.

A Story to Tell considers some of those stories. People who met Jesus. They tell stories which are relevant for 21st Century living. Stories of hope and healing, doubts and believing, love and loss, truth and misunderstanding.

‘Richard Frost encourages us to search our hearts for the story that lies deep within us all and that calls out for expression and friendship. his writing is accessible, practical and encouraging.’ Mark Oakley

The stories are listed on the right and can be read in any order. Each of them is in two parts. You may like to pause and reflect on each part of each story before moving on to the next one. Take your time. Don’t rush on.

Apart from the ones marked with * (which are new), each story on this site is an abridged version of those in the book, A Story to Tellclick here to order copies or here to download. There are also some suggestions for Group Discussion in a small group setting. Simply pick whichever stories you think will suit your group best.

A Story to Tell doesn’t aim to offer a Biblical commentary or academic theological reflection. So some of what is written is speculative and imaginative: the purpose being to help explore what we can learn most from these very special people in their very special encounters. By learning from the experiences of those who encountered Jesus, who were very ordinary people, we begin to learn more about our own story to tell.

Jesus told stories.            Jesus gave people stories to tell.              What’s your story?


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